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Pricing Options

Number of Employees 25 100 Unlimited
Number of Locations or Departments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosting Included Included Included
Total Price $99/month $199/month $299/month

Pricing Information

ETC ComputerLand's TrackStar employee evaluation software is a turn-key solution priced starting at $99/month.

This includes installation, setup, configuration, documentation and up to two hours of training. This simple software is flexible enough for most businesses to use without any customization, although customization is available at an additional cost.

For one low price, you can improve performance and increase productivity with this simple Web-based software.

Advantages of TrackStar

  • It's online, so you and your managers can access it any time from any computer with a Web connection.
  • No additional fees, licenses or annual renewals.
  • Create questions and ratings that make sense to your business.
  • Large text boxes, simple navigation and clear goals make this painless for non-technical managers to use.
  • View employee scores by time period, point scale, location or manager.
  • Evaluate locations with apple-to-apple comparisons.